Fancy threesome? 

I welcome you to experience the most sensual fantasy of yours. As a recreational bi-curious woman, I enjoy giving and receiving the touch of two or more amazing people at once. Let me introduce you to my lovely friends. I would love to make some naughty and unforgettable memories with these gorgeous individuals!

Sharing is caring. Dont you think? ))))

Please note I’m also very open to play with others, it may be your wife, husband, or a friend. Let me know if you have anything in mind.

For a “couple” dates please add £150 to my hourly rate.


Say hello to Bella, a bright and ambitious student studying management and business. She’s all about building a successful future and embodies the spirit of an independent and empowered woman.

Bella knows how to make a lasting impression from the moment she walks through the door or welcomes you into her space. Her charm and captivating presence create an experience you won’t forget.

Whether she’s in your world or you’re in hers, Bella is dedicated to making you feel good. Her friendly and a bit naughty personality adds an extra dash of excitement to every moment, ensuring a pleasurable and fun time together.

Join Bella for an extraordinary experience where sophistication meets playfulness. She’s here to make sure every moment exceeds your expectations. Discover the joy of being in the company of someone who effortlessly navigates both the business world and the art of making connections. Let Bella elevate your experiences with laughter, joy, and unmatched happiness.